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Mission Statement


TAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP considers itself to be an association of networked companies with a common goal. We offer our customers high-quality complete solutions in industrial plant construction.


We recognize trends in the industry and use them at the correct time. The beneficiaries of our innovation abilities are our customers, whom we offer an attractive bundle of services. Financial independence and future orientation mean security and growth for the companies in our group.

Code of Conduct

All the employees, sub-contractors, and contractors of TAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP are bound to comply with basic ethical rules of business. The overriding values of the mission statement have been formulated in clear rules in our code of conduct. TAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP clearly declares its commitment to its responsibility for humans, the environment and society.

Our values

We are quality conscious. We offer no compromises quality in our products and services. We have a commitment in this regard to our business associates of many years. We meet our quality demands through competence and the readiness for continuous improvement and further expansion of our quality standards, we count on purposeful further education and advanced training and maintain our own training facilities. We use only the best technical equipment.


We are committed to fairness and having respect for values in our daily activities. Our internal and external relationships are marked by a sense of long-term cooperation with mutual confidence and guaranteed quality. We are transparent and encounter; and consider each other as equals; and with mutual respect. We promote the spirit of unity and community in all our actions.


We bear responsibility for wellbeing of our employees, company and group companies, the reputation and integrity of our company and group companies, thanks to the independent and considerate management of TAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP. We protect the environment through the conservative use of resources.


We achieve innovations and new approaches through the combination of years of experience, creativity, and an open mind for all new technologies. We drive our ideas on with self-initiative and conviction. In small process projects as well as in large scale projects, we continue to develop ourselves. This gives us the capability of becoming more efficient and serve premium industrial quality services.

We learned from the past; to invest with foresight and experience in the future.